Because black hair deserves only the best.

Mobile Hairstylist Listing Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Mobile Hairstylist?

    A: A mobile hairstylist or mobile hair salon owner is a licensed professional who provides hair services and travels to the client's home or desired location or has a salon located in a motor vehicle or services hair out of more than one salon location.


2. Do I have to provide services for black hair to be listed in Urban Salon Finder's Mobile Hairstylist Directory?

     A: Yes.


3. What is "black hair"?

     A: Black hair is a general term that Urban Salon Finder uses to describe beautiful and kinky/curly textured hair—for example, the hair type of many people of African-American, African, Puerto Rican, or Dominican descent, to name just a few.  Black hair is usually relaxed, flat-ironed, blown out with a dryer, worn curly or natural, or styled in locs, braids, or with extensions.


4. How do I create a Mobile Hairstylist Listing?

     A: Click this link: Create Mobile Hairstylist Listing


5. How much does a Mobile Hairstylist Listing cost?

     A: Free for a limited time only.  Regularly, $60/year.


6. How long will it take for my listing to appear?

    A: Approved listings are usually added within 2 to 7 days.  You will receive a notification email when your listing is active.


7. In what order are Mobile Hairstylist Listings arranged?

    A: Our Mobile Hairstylist Listings are arranged in chronological order by the date the listing becomes active, so make sure you create your listing today!  If your listing expires, the reactivation date will apply.


8. How do I edit my Mobile Stylist Listing?

    A: First log in and then go to your listing page to edit your Mobile Hairstylist Listing.  You can locate your listing on our Find A Mobile Hairstylist page.  You must be logged in to edit your listing.


9. What if I have more questions or need additional assistance with my Mobile Hairstylist Listing?

    A: Please contact us with your question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  You can also check out our main FAQ page for more information.