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Tips to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful between salon visits.

created on 05/13/2012

Almonds can be very beneficial for your hair because they are rich in many nutrients, including vitamin E, protein, and Omega-3s.  Eating about 1 ounce of almonds is a healthy snack and can help improve the condition of your hair and add beautiful shine.  

created on 03/21/2012

All hair has its challenges and even though the grass may seem greener on the other side, it's not.  Many people with straight hair envy curly, and many with curly covet straight.  Love your hair and work with it, not against it.  Regardless of the texture, color, length, thickness, thinness, or temperament, all hair is beautiful.  Appreciating your hair and focusing on the positive are the first steps to having the healthy and beautiful hair that you've always wanted.

created on 03/21/2012

It is important to deep condition your hair once in awhile to keep it healthy, beautiful, and to help prevent future damage.  If your hair is dry or over-processed, deep conditioning can replenish the hair strength and moisturize.  To deep condition hair, apply a protein enriched conditioner from the roots to the ends.  Next, cover your hair with a plastic cap or plastic wrap and sit under a hood dryer for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse your hair.  Heat is needed to help the conditioner penetrate the cuticle layers more efficiently.  For optimum health, deep condition your hair one to two times a month.

created on 03/15/2012

The chlorine in swimming pools can discolor your hair, dry it out, and cause split-ends.  To protect your hair and help prevent damage, you should spray it with a leave-in conditioner as soon as you get out of the pool and then rinse and wash your hair thoroughly as soon as possible.