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Tips to help keep your hair healthy and beautiful between salon visits.

created on 06/23/2012

Rule #1-- make sure that they are age appropriate.  Young looking barrettes, headbands, and clips can draw attention to your wrinkles (if you have any) because of their inappropriateness.  Rule #2--never wear hair accessories that are uncomfortable in any way such as ones that pull out your hair or are too heavy or too tight.  Rule #3--make sure that your hair accessories complement your jewelry and outfit--they should never clash or make your ensemble look too busy.

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created on 05/29/2012

If you regularly use a lot of styling products such as gel, hairspray, cream, and pomade, remember to rinse your scalp everyday to avoid buildup and clogged pores.  Slicking the hair down with heavy gels or applying too much pomade or grease to the scalp are just a couple of examples of how blockage at the mouth of the hair follicle can occur.  Blockage can lead to scalp infection, damage and reduced hair growth, so it is important to wash your hair and scalp regularly.  Keep your scalp pores clear, and try to use water-soluble styling products whenever possible.

created on 04/15/2012

It is commonly known that juicing (drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices) helps fight face wrinkles, but it is also great for obtaining and maintaining healthy hair.  Cucumber and bell pepper juices are wonderful sources of silicon which strengthens hair.  Parsnip juice is a well-known beauty tonic for skin, hair, and nails.  Raw vegetable and fruit juices provide a concentration of the most beneficial nutrients that is far superior to any vitamin supplement that you can buy.

created on 01/29/2012

Long bangs and hair styled around the face can sometimes cast shadows into lines and wrinkles, causing you to look older.  Styling hair up and away from the face can help you look younger, and a hairstyle that rises at the temples or has volume at the top can give your face an instant lift.

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